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Irancell Appears Strongly in 2019 Elecomp

In the 25th International Exhibition on Electronics, Computer and E-Commerce (Iran Elecomp 2019), Irancell had an active participation and presented visitors with a wide range of its latest achievements, services and products. In the meanwhile, it also signed a number of notable agreements with other companies.

Irancell Appears Strongly in 2019 Elecomp

Irancell had installed its stands separately in Halls 6, 8-9, 18, 27 and 38 and had a few other stands in outdoors‌‌‌.   

Irancell’s main stand at the entrance of Hall 38 had been divided into two parts, where various services and products were presented for two types of audiences, individuals and enterprise customers. In the former, various services such as VoLTE, VoWiFi, LTE and TD-LTE, Irancell IPTV (LENZ), Kids and Teens applications and SIM Cards, My Irancell Application, Shared Account and several other kinds of products and services were put on display,‌‌ while in the latter, services such as IoT, smart city, electronic payment services, NFC SIM Card, cloud services, corporate WiFi and many other products were demonstrated to companies and organizations.‌‌‌

Moreover, in order to be connected with more talents and individuals interested in cooperation and to create a close connection between its human resources and job applicants, Irancell also demonstrated its job opportunities at its stand in Hall 27, where applicants could directly talk with Irancell managers and experts.‌‌‌

Iran’s biggest data operator also exhibited its achievements in domestic productions in Hall 18. 

Given the significance of cooperation with startups, a stand in Hall 8-9 was also dedicated to startups such as Charkhoneh, Gap and Nivar, which are cooperating with Irancell, so as to encourage cooperation with and introduce such startups.‌‌‌‌   This provided an opportunity for those interested to meet and discuss with Irancell specialists and introduce their capabilities for investment purposes in this arena.‌‌‌‌‌ 

The other significant event during Elecomp 2019 was the conferences with top technology topics of the day by Irancell chief officers, managers, guests and cooperating companies in the Elecomp Trends section in Hall 6. ‌‌‌

In its outdoor stands, Irancell offered services such as 3G to 4G SIM swap and selling TD-LTE and LTE modems.‌‌‌‌

The 25th round of Elecomp exhibition was inaugurated with the presence of ICT minister and his companions from Iraq, Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan and Qatar at one of Irancell stands.

Signing Agreements‌‌

Irancell signing agreements with Saba Idea, SATA, HiWEB and Ekbatan Gas Control Company was among other highlights of the 25th international Elecomp Expo.‌‌

The cooperation agreement between Irancell and Saba Idea Company was concluded with the objective to provide video and content services over Irancell platform and synergize the development of the Iranian market for content services and digital content services.‌‌

A second agreement was also signed by Irancell and Armed Forces Social Security Organization (aka SATA) with the aim to enhance relationships and increase cooperation for economic, scientific, and research and education purposes as well as to provide consulting services and share knowledge and experience in ICT arena.‌‌‌

The agreement between Irancell and HiWEB was concluded with the aim to make use of the capabilities of both parties for development of network coverage in rural areas and underdeveloped regions and provision of fixed broadband network coverage in Iran.‌‌‌‌

And the last agreement was made with Ekbatan Gas Control Company for developing and implementing a pilot test on smart gas meters operating over NB-IoT network.‌

Unveiling Web-based Gap Messenger‌

The other remarkable event in Elecomp 2019 was the unveiling of the web-based version of Gap Messenger which took place at an Irancell stand. ‌

Irancell had announced in February 2018 that, in order to develop infrastructures, services and domestic and foreign audiences, it was going to invest on Gap Messenger, and thus in line with this joint venture, the web-based messenger is now made accessible at‌‌‌‌‌   

Elecomp 2019 was held from Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st of July in Tehran International Permanent Fairground. ‌‌  

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