TD-LTE Internet

After offering 4G/4.5G Internet for the first time in Iran, we are going to provide you with fixed 4G internet (TD-LTE) as well..

TD-LTE is the standard for high speed wireless communication and it is the latest generation of fixed broadband network. TD-LTE is the best option for providing Internet to organizations, institutes, companies and home.

If you are currently using ADSL and are not satisfied with the quality, or if you live in an area where no port is available for provision of fixed Internet, TD-LTE with speed range of 1Mbps to 80Mbps would be a best choice for you. With its unlimited speed, change your world!


Features and Advantages

Max. 80Mbps

Suitable for high domestic and corporate consumption

Sustainable high speed upload/download

Nomad modems

No telephone line needed for launching

Various Internet packages

Plug and play

How to buy
To enjoy this technology, you need a TD-LTE SIM card, modem and internet package.

  • You can get a prepaid TD-LTE SIM card for free.
  • TD-LTE postpaid SIM cards are available at the price of 60.000 Tomans. You’ll have 60.000 Tomans Credit Limit for your account in Irancell billing system. Credit Limit is the amount up to which you can use your SIM card services (out of bundle usage and package purchase) without having your account soft suspended.

to buy them you can use either of the following methods:

Check out our superfast TD-LTE packages and buy one of them according to your usage pattern. Once the package is expired or finished, you can use the following methods to buy a new one:

You need to have your National ID card with you to be able to buy the product.

Only access to fixed broadband internet is possible through Irancell TD-LTE SIM cards and they cannot be used to make/ receive calls or send/ receive SMSs.

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