Physical Bill Cancellation.

Postpaid paper bill cancellation campaign

.Request to get a digital bill, help protect the environment.

All you Irancell postpaid subscribers can take part in this campaign to cancel your paper bill; in addition to having a great role in preserving the environment, you’ll receive 2 GB free mobile internet. To cancel your paper bill, refer to MyIrancell application or send 1 to 2465.

To view your bill you can:

  • Refer to MyIrancell (Bill view > View bill summary)
  • Refer to MyIrancell web version
  • Refer to bill payment page in the website
  • Register an email; the bill will automatically be emailed to you.
o You can refer to MyIrancell and activate this method or change your email address.

The gift 2GB mobile internet will be activated for you within 72 hours and will be valid until the end of the same day.

The cost of the canceled bills in this campaign has been spent on planting (and maintaining) 15,000 trees in a 50-hectare land.

Receiving digital bills will result in cutting fewer trees, thank YOU for being a caring human being.