Transferring files with Android Beam

Certainly, today the mobile phones have become our second wallet for personal digital data. We carry various type of data on this small devices, from contacts information of our family and friends to Pictures, video and audio files. Also, we often want to share this data with someone else, just like times we lend money to our friends. Given the expansion and evolution of communication technologies, there are a lot of options to do this. Here we’ll show you one of the simplest ones.

Transferring files with Android Beam

We have introduced NFC technology in another article. Android Beam feature in Android devices lets you transfer data directly from your device’s display to another Android device with taking advantage of this technology. There are two conditions for using Android Beam: your device should run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher, and its hardware should support NFC.

It’s worth mentioning that data transfer actually happens on a Bluetooth connection, but NFC takes responsibility of all tasks like enabling/disabling Bluetooth or transferring data and needs no interference from you.

First of all, you have to turn on NFC on your device. Go to “Settings” menu and tap on “More” in Wireless & Networks section. You’ll see an option for enable/disable NFC in this page, just if your device supports it. After enabling NFC, a new option for Android Beam will appear below it. In some devices like HTC One, you won’t see this option, but still can use the function. Please notice that for using Android Beam, you have to enable it on both devices.

To share intended content, you should open it in an appropriate app, like:

- Web pages in Chrome browser

- Directions and locations in Google Maps

- Contacts in Phone app

- An app page in Google Play

- Pictures in Gallery app

Of course there are also other apps that support Android Beam function. If you want to know that one app supports it or not, read mentioned features by its developers.

After getting devices ready and opening intended content, put them back to back at the point that NFC antenna is located. You will hear a short beep and see a “Touch to Beam” message on screen. Tap on this message to transfer data.

In apps that let you share informations, there is another routine to use Android Beam. In this method, go to the app and long tap on intended content (for example, a contact card in Phone app). Now tap on Share icon in the upper right corner of screen. You’ll see a list of possible options for sharing the item that Android Beam is one of them (provided that you have enabled it). The screen will shrink and you’ll hear a short beep that shows your device is ready to transfer data. Now put two devices back to back to complete the task.

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