Adobe powerful apps for Android devices

There is no doubt that Adobe is the most popular vendor of graphics and design programs in the world. Today, its hard to find a system without at least one of this companys products installed. At the same time, most of us use PDF e-books and magazines, the format that has been developed by Adobe. In this article, we introduce you to Adobes primary applications for Android-based Devices.

Adobe powerful apps for Android devices

When it comes to Adobe, we spontaneously think about Photoshop; a name that has gradually become a concept. As in the desktop world, with multiple versions of this program, Adobe has released various versions of Photoshop for different features:

Photoshop Express Logo

Photoshop Express

The Photoshop basic edition for mobile devices, which has the closest interface to desktop versions, makes it easy to use for users. This version gives you various options for editing and repairing images.

With this app, you'll have more than 60 professional looks as well as advanced correction techniques for your photos. You can easily apply Photoshop's familiar edits to your pictures and have a variety of powerful functions.

In addition to two popular JPG and PNG formats, the app also supports a wide range of RAW formats that extend its capabilities to edit photos taken with different cameras.

Photoshop MIX Logo

Photoshop MIX

Another version of Photoshop, which lets you cut sections of the images and combine them in separate layers.

This app will release your creativity. You can do various edits on photos you have taken and change their appearance by applying different filters. You can also cut some parts of your images, or combine different parts of multiple photos and get a whole new result.

Photoshop FIX Logo

Photoshop FIX

A mobile app with professional tools for editing and modifying your photos. With this app, you can quickly take the photos you've taken to your desired level.

Quick, powerful, and easy retouching of photos on your Android device. This app delivers the tools you need to modify and manipulate your photos. Photoshop Fix provides valuable features, especially for portrait photography.

Photoshop Sketch Logo

Photoshop Sketch

With this app, you can use your phone or tablet for painting and creativity, just like when you use paper and painting tools.

This app gives you the experience of painting with pen, pencil, marker, crayon, watercolor and a variety of colors and brushes. In Sketch, you will have 11 tools for adjusting the size, color, transparency, and composition of the layers. Also, with the Capture CC, you can create unlimited custom brushes for this app.

Photoshop Lightroom CC Logo

Photoshop Lightroom CC

The valuable features of photographers’ popular desktop program, Lightroom, which are now available on mobile devices.

This app allows you to take steps to Capture photos, edit them, organize, save, and eventually share pictures from your mobile device.

Illustrator Draw Logo

Illustrator Draw

Draw an innovative design with the exclusive brushes of this app and finally get a vector image.

This app allows you to magnify up to 64x the image you're working on, which, given the nature of the vector images, offers you fantastic potentials to create details. Also, you can select five different brushes with the ability to adjust transparency, size, and color for design.

Premiere Clip Logo

Premiere Clip

A video editing app that lets you create cool videos without the need for a desktop system and just by using your mobile device.

With this app, making movies with your mobile device is fun and, of course, fast. In addition to the mixing capabilities and video montage, this software also offers convenient features for controlling and managing the sound of the clips and even adding audio tracks.

Capture CC Logo

Capture CC

An application that allows you to convert various pictures into color themes, image templates, type, materials, brushes, and shapes for use in other apps in this family.

One of Capture CC's captivating features is to allow you to find a font similar to the font you see in the image. You can quickly turn sections you want from each image into different patterns, type, or physically-based materials (PBRs) for 3-dimensional objects.

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