Service Level Agreement



(Based on CRA Resolutions)

1.   Definitions:

1.1.  "Accessibility" means the subscriber's ability to access network services without limitation or access to certain pages until the performance of obligations as determined by Irancell. WiMax service level indicators are determined based on CRA Resolution 87 dated 9 March 2011.

1.2.  "Broadband" means IP-based Internet connection service provided by Irancell which connects the subscriber to the Internet through network services.

1.3.  "Committed Information Rate (CIR)" is the minimum bandwidth allocated to the subscriber during the Agreement term. CIR is the average sending and receiving bandwidth divided by network sharing coefficient.

1.4.   "Availability" The percentage of availability period for the service is calculated using the following formula:

Availability% = (Total time-Total Unavailability time )/(Total time)*100

Only the values more than 95% are acceptable.

2.  Irancell Obligations:

2.1.  In case the subscribers encounter any problem while using the services under this Agreement, they may contact Irancell Call Center by dialing 707 from Irancell lines or 09377070000 from other lines. Moreover, the subscribers may file and follow their complaints via Irancell website at

2.2.  Irancell undertakes to register the complaints upon receiving the subscribers' request, resolve the problem within 36 hours and update the subscriber of the result via phone call, SMS, or email.

Note: Since resolving some problems related to low signal coverage needs time, Irancell undertakes to inform the subscribers of the current situation within 72 hours and make all efforts to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

2.3.  Irancell undertakes to provide WiMAX Services to the subscribers as per the parameters in the following table:

Bandwidth contention ratio of 1 to 8:

Kbps Kbps Kbps Kbps Kbps
2048 1024 512 256 128 Bandwidth
256 128 64 32 16 Acceptable Average


2.4.  In case of power disconnection, broadband service failure or service interruption as a result of act or omission of third parties or providers of service to Irancell or as a result of events beyond Irancell control, Irancell will not be able to provide the service and shall have no responsibility in this regard.


2.5.  Irancell shall have no responsibility against unavailability of network services in a specific area, failure to provide information or provision of incorrect information regarding the geographical position, change in the network services quality and data transfer speed due to the geographical and weather condition and disruption or disconnection of access to emergency services, in cases which are beyond Irancell control.


2.6.  Irancell shall have no responsibility against any interruption or disconnection as a result of war, strike, security issues, acts of God or any other force majeure event.


2.7.  Irancell shall have no responsibility against damages which are not attributable to it.


2.8.  All Irancell services are provided in line with Irancell "Fair Use Policy". The subscriber accepts to use the network services, either for personal or business purposes, within the following framework. The subscriber acknowledges that him/herself, his/her family members and (with respect to corporate customers) their staff and personnel comply with this Policy. This Fair Use policy ¬covers issues with respect to common Internet usage within the defined contention ratio, prohibited fraudulent usage and prohibited criminal usage
In case of breach of this Fair Use Policy by any subscriber, Irancell reserves the right to contact the subscriber through SMS or email to require them to comply with this Fair Use Policy when using Irancell services. If, after such notice by Irancell, inappropriate use of the services continues, Irancell may:

   a. Suspend or limit the service (speed reduction) for any time period it deems appropriate.

   b. Revoke the service and terminate the related Agreement.


3.   The Terms and Conditions of Indemnification:


3.1.  In the event that Irancell does not provide any of the services to the subscriber within three (3) working days after receiving the charges, the subscriber shall be notified and all the charges shall be refunded to him/her. Moreover, in case Irancell or the third party supplier approves the date of service connection but does not provide the service to the subscriber within fourteen (14) working days after the approved date of connection and it is not resulted from the act or omission of the subscriber, he/she has the right to terminate the Agreement by sending a written notice to Irancell and Irancell is obliged to refund all the charges to the subscriber.


3.2.  During the term of Agreement, if using the WiMAX service is not regularly possible for the subscriber due to problems caused by Irancell such as poor network coverage in the subscriber's area, the subscriber shall notify Irancell of terminating the Agreement in writing and in this situation, Irancell undertakes to terminate it and indemnify.


Note: For indemnifying and terminating the Agreement, the address announced by subscriber on registration shall be considered.


3.3.  As per resolution No.87 approved by CRC, Irancell shall indemnify as shown in the following table in case of unavailability:

Indicator The measured amount The amount of the indemnity
Availability per month 90% < AV ≤ 95% 5% deducted from monthly usage
85% < AV ≤ 90% 10% deducted from monthly usage
80% < AV ≤ 85% 15% deducted from monthly usage