Online purchase of shared internet packages

.Buy a single internet package and share it with other selected users.

Using this service, you can create a single account and share it among other users.

Shared Account features:

  • Create a shared account for your family or friends (up to 10 users)
  • Set usage thresholds for each user
  • Shared fund (enabling the provider to share the monetary value with the users)
  • Service auto-activation upon purchasing a package
  • Enabling each user to view the usage limit and amount

If you have more than one SIM card and you’re using various devices, you can buy one internet package and share it among all of them, instead of buying separate packages for each SIM card/device.


In order to activate the service, dial *400*3*1# and then follow the menus and instructions.

Adding Users to Shared Account

By adding users to the account, the main user can allow other users to enjoy the account as well. To do so, you can dial *400*1*2*1#.

Whenever you wish to deactivate the service, simply dial *400*1*5#

Purchasing Internet Packages

Purchasing packages by the main user enables the account users to enjoy Mobile Internet as well. This way, the charge of using Mobile Internet will be reflected on shared account rather than the individual users' accounts. To buy your desired package, dial *400*1*1#.