Shake, the Surprising Shake!

MyIrancell appreciates it’s true, loyal users! Every day while working with the “MyIrancell” app, tap on “Shake” button and shake your cellphone to get surprised by various gifts as online shops vouchers (e.g. Digikala, Snapp, etc.), or free internet, voice and SMS packages!

  • Each day you have one chance to shake your phone and win.
  • The details of your gifts will be send to you via SMS under “Irancell” sender name.

Want to Join “Shake”? Here is How?

With more than 17 million users, MyIrancell is among one of the top 5 apps of Iran, making it a dream platform for business holders to promote their products. By allocating various kinds of vouchers, business parties can introduce their products to a vast majority of users.

Benefits of Joining “Shake”

  • Enjoying a large and active target community for introducing products and services
  • Being part of MTN Irancell advertising campaigns for "shake" and thus enjoying a larger traffic on partners’ websites
  • The ability to introduce startups to users through special offers

Terms of Cooperation:

  • The ability to provide competitive vouchers for all MyIrancell users.
  • The ability to promote this campaign in their social media and website align with MTN Irancell.
  • To be responsible for customer complaints (MTN Irancell will define SLA for response).

MTN Irancell reserves the right to cancel the said vouchers, or replace the same with other ones.



You are just a few steps away

* Company name
* Field of Activity
* Contact Number
* Email Address
* Website Address or application download link
* The offers or vouchers details
* Methods of promoting

Why MyIrancell?

With MyIrancell you can stay in control of your Irancell account and easily monitor your call, SMS or mobile internet charges! Also you can easily manage your usage costs, purchases and payments. This app is free to download and use.

  • You can download and use this app for free.