Ring Back Tone.


Ring Back Tone

Let your callers enjoy a piece of ear-catching or relaxing music while waiting for you to pick up the phone; instead of that repeated “beep…beep” tone.



Thanks to Irancell’s RBT you can set a piece of music to welcome each of your callers differently when they call you.

RBT features:

  • Setting a RBT to be played for all callers
  • Setting more than one RBT to be played at random
  • Setting the RBTs to be played at defined times

You can give your callers a good feeling by setting special RBTs for various people, at special occasions or at different times.

  • A Ring Back Tone can be purchased for 500 Tomans for a 30-day period or 210 Tomans for a 7-day period.
  • RBT charges will only be deducted from your account when it has been successfully purchased.
  • If you’re a postpaid subscriber, the cost will be added to your bill and if you’re a prepaid user, it will be deducted from your airtime.
  • You can refer to our RBT application for more information on the service and to check the price of each RBT.
How to buy

RBT service can be played in both mono and multi-mode.

  • Mono mode: you can set a single RBT to be played for all your callers
  • Multi-mode: you can set various RBTs for various callers or different times of the day.

For information about the mono or multi-mode RBTs please refer to RBT playing modes page.

To activate this service, you’ll need the songs’ codes. To have access to the codes, you can use the RBT application or dial any of the following USSDs:

The Best *777*1#
Hot RBTs *777*2#
Hot RBTs *777*3#
Praying Service *777*4#
Occasional RBTs *777*5#

Now you can use either of the following methods to activate your RBT:

  • SMSSend the song code to 7575.
  • USSDDial*777# to access the main RBT menu and then choose your desired option.
  • RBT Page
  • RBT ApplicationYou can find your RBT in the app, buy and activate it. If you wish to go for the multi-mode RBT, go to application settings, choose your songs and set them for your desired callers.

You can refer to RBT Service Features to find out more about the service.
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