Mobile Newspaper .

Mobile Newspaper

.News, reports, reviews … at your fingertips!

You will no longer need to refer to newsstands or even the internet to be informed on the latest news! With Irancell Mobile News Paper service, you’ll receive all you need to know, on your phone.

The news and reviews you receive will include text, images and the related newspaper or websites’ logos.

Using MNP, you can save your time by getting just the gist of everything.


To subscribe, send the product code to 8494.

For instance, for the product code "1234", text "1234" to 8494 to subscribe.

To cancel your subscription for a certain product, send "L" plus the product code (with a space in between) to 8494.

For instance, text "L 1234" to the related code, to unsubscribe.


To subscribe and find out the complete list of services, simply refer to MNS page.

  • All SMSs sent to 8494 are free.
  • To use this service, you should have already activated your MMS service. (If you have not received the configurations or have not activated the service, dial the following USSD: *555*4*1# from your Irancell line)
  • There is no expiry date for the subscriptions and the published versions will be sent to you until you send the cancellation code.
  • MNS Help will be available if you simply send "R" to 8494 (for free).
  • To receive the latest list of MNS products, send "F" to 8949 (for free).
  • To view the list of your active MNSs, send “E” to 8494.

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